Thursday, April 07, 2005

Finished Object: Pink Baby Hat

Hot off the needles: Pink Baby Hat, knit for an unsuspecting friend who had a little girl last winter.

I was inspired by this hat, but made up the pattern as I went along, using #7 dpns and some pink no-dye-lot yarn from Michaels. If anyone ever sees this blog and wants the pattern just shout out and I'll post it.

I'm pretty happy with it, considering that it was a freeform experiment. I had to frog back once and rework the decrease but I think I got it just about right.

Shown here modeled by my trusty companion and buddy, Paul the Dog. His brother Todd would have nothing of me and my hat; he prefers playing with the yarn in the backyard to wearing it.

Paul wears it more like a pill box; that's just his style.


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