Friday, April 08, 2005

She Looks Fabulous!

Well, doesn't she?

I actually did a u-turn and went back when I passed her on the road, a one-woman parade in a lavendar flower-petal-covered hat, walking along Sunset Boulevard, in Echo Park.

It was one of those moments that makes Los Angeles worth it. If just 5% of the population had as much style in their whole body as this lady has in her little finger, . . .

Click the pic for the whole stealth photoshoot.

I took these pics with the purpose of emailing them to my little sister, Allison, who makes fabulous hats herself.

Looking at them again today, I realized that since a] my life is really about the pursuit of those elusive, fleeting moments of glorious, aesthetic ecstacy (and this was one of those moments); and b] since the title of this blog is, after all, My Life Illustrated, then I really needed to share this fleeting moment with the readers.


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