Friday, May 06, 2005

Blue Hat I: Not My Best Knitting

Since I can't seem to get it together with all the photos I wanted to blog from last weekend's trip to San Diego, I will just throw together a few shots of Todd and me modeling the blue and brown beanie that I finished on Friday night at Ed's. I still hope to get the photos up sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Later this summer you'll witness the transformation of that mess in the background!

I did accomplish some worthwhile goals with this hat. I finally figured out how to work a stripe in the round and then bring the old color up one row so the stripe doesn't stagger when you join it back together. That had puzzled me for a some time and I'm glad to have figured it out.

Look how hard I worked to get the decreases as uneven and random looking as possible!

Also, even though this is just crappy acrylic yarn [Patons' Canadiana, to be precise] and not my best knitting, I'm extremely happy to have knit myself a beanie with a good overall look and fit. I've hardly had the thing off my head all week! I have a drawer full of store-bought beanies, and I am very excited to gradually replace them with better, hand-knit versions.

At the last second I decided to add a 4th stripe.

I swear that stray blue stitch wasn't there the other day! Where'd that come from?

So emboldened was I from the success of my blue and brown acrylic hat, that I bought a skein of dark blue alpaca yarn at a shop in San Diego, along with some other goodies, for my next hat! Stay tuned for updates.



Blogger MarQ1 said...

Cool beenie and very good color on you.
The alpaca will made a nice soft hat and will be such a pleasure in your hands after the acrylic.

9:37 PM  
Blogger birdfarm said...

I love your dog! (I like the hat, but I'm not a knitter--I'm a dog person). He's beautiful. Is he part pit? Part Australian cattle dog? What a beautiful sweet face. I could just kiss him right on the screen.

(I'm away from home & missing my 3 dogs!)

2:56 PM  

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