Thursday, May 12, 2005

San Diego Part I

Well, friends and readers, here is a brief Part I of the trip to San Diego to visit my cousin, Ed.

I pulled out of Los Angeles on the mid-afternoon Amtrak Surfliner.

I love taking the train; they have a bar and everything! Plus, you can knit the whole way while all those jerks on the freeway are stuck in their cars. I'm usually one of those jerks, so the train is a real treat.

Here's the 6th Street bridge over the L.A. River. Its one of my favorites of the old downtown bridges. I love the combination of steel and concrete. Most of them are just concrete. The steel arches are really elegant.

Downtown L.A. and the L.A. River as I leave behind the city I love and love to hate.

I took a lot of rapid-fire pictures of passing freight trains thinking I would paste them all together as an experimental abstract collage of colors and shapes. This is about a third of them.

The train at the Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego.

The Surfliner has an upper and lower level.

Santa Fe Depot is quite lovely inside. The tile work is especially nice. Don't you hate seeing those vulgar no smoking signs messing up that beautiful tile panel? That's a major pet peeve of mine: the endless government signs, posters, and billboards bombarding us constantly these days, all of them warnings or behavior-modification propaganda messages.

Makes you wonder how the human race survived the preceeding thousands of years when people were just expected to think for themselves. But, I digress.

More adventures to follow, including knitting content! Stay tuned . . .


Blogger MarQ1 said...

Years ago, nineteen, I'm afraid to say, I took the train from Orange County to San Diego. It was my first non-tourist-trap train and it was so cool. It was at least nineteen years ago. I was disappointed at some of the views, since trains usually aren't route through the best views, but I was thrilled just to be on the train. I boarded the train south of those bridges, so I've never seen those bridges. Thanks. I love bridges too.
The composite train pics are cool.
Really, did they have to put the no smoking sign on that gorgeous tile wall? Barbarians!

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Allison said...

Memories come flooding back. Remember our infamous trip from Garrett, IN (aka Brigadoon), to New York! That was definitely an adventure that must be repeated.
Love ya
p.s. I finally cast on my poncho and Em was quite delighted!

10:13 AM  
Blogger Jon said...

I love those collage piccies. I wish I knew how to do those with my knitting.

9:21 AM  

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