Sunday, April 17, 2005

Veterinary Emergency: Predictions

Well, as I was about to head into my final mini-project to round out a fine Sunday's gardening, I looked up and dear sweet Paul was sitting up looking at me rather helplessly with his right front paw in the air, in the 'ouch it hurts' position.

So, I checked him out. I've seen the vet do this enough times to at least perform the preliminary visual evaluation myself. No thorns or broken glass or sharp objects in the paw, paw moves easily and no objections from the patient. Wrist allows free movement. Elbow - YIPE - Paul withdraws and turns away.

OK, its the elbow. Well, I can fix a lot of things, but dogs' elbows aren't on my list.

Off to the emergency clinic. I called and tried to get the woman to at least give me some idea of how long the wait is this afternoon. Of course, since a car wreck can come in the door any minute, she refuses to tell me. She won't even tell me how long the last person who came in the door would have to wait, even if no more patients came in the whole rest of the afternoon.

I predict that after the $75 emergency fee to see the doctor and a total bill of $250-300, I will walk out with x-rays that don't really show anything meaningful, doggie pain pills, and a diagnosis of 'sprained elbow'. Thats what they always say when they can't figure out what's really wrong. Once we left there with the diagnosis of 'sprained tail'. Can you believe that? Sprained Tail.

I'll keep you posted. At least I can knit while I wait.


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